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ed data that over 17,000 cases have been confirmed in 88 countries and regions outside China by Friday, calling for early and aggressive measures to break the chain of transmission worldwide. As the sayin

g goes, a small leak will sink a great ship. What we need in the face of the epidemic is not stigmatizing a country or attacking a country, but science, rationality and solidarity. These are the most powerful weapons against our common enemy. If there is anyone who owes the world an apology, it must be those who spread "political vi

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    rus" that smears Chinese people's efforts against the epidemic and jeopardizes global solidarity.NEW YORK, Nov. 23 BEIJING, Nov. 23 -- Beijing will have 14,000 5G base stations built by the end of the year to achieve c

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    ontinuous coverage within the city's Fifth Ring Road, which is the city proper area. The news was announced by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology in a White Paper on the Develo



pment of Beijing's 5G Industry (2019) released at the 2019 World 5G Conference on Friday. By October, China's three major telecom operators

had already built more than 11,000 5G base stations in Beijing. The white paper points out that Beijing has built a number of 5G application demonstration zones in such fields as smart transportation, smart medical c